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Welcome to Integra Packaging!

Complete Packaging Solutions
Integra Packaging is a packaging solutions business and has over 500 clients spanning defence, mining, infrastructure, logistics, aerospace and general manufacturing. From timber crates to ply boxes, anti-corrosive shrink wrap to returnable/reusable packaging solutions - for everything from bulky products to fragile freight - Integra Packaging has you covered.

The Integra Packaging Offer to our Customers: Global knowledge: Integra Packaging offers world's best practice in packaging innovation. We create cost-effective solutions to protect and enhance our customers' products throughout the supply chain.

Local Service: We offer products and services throughout Australia, from our eastern seaboard facilities and alliance partners in each state.

True savings: Our audit and design professionals offer a complete solution, identifying areas of potential cost take-out and lead-time reduction - to deliver real savings.

A better outcome: With the benefits of a global network, we offer certainty for customers. Their products are protected and enhanced by our cost-effective, full-circle design process. Through effective partnering with our customers and suppliers, we can deliver Complete Packaging Solutions.

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