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Expendable Packaging

Integra Packaging supplies many types of expendable outer packaging, from Nefab's world renowned plywood boxes and crates, corrugated single/double/triple wall boxes, pallets made out of timber, presswood, plywood, also "new age" UV stabalised shrink wrap and much more.

Integra Packaging specialises in working closely with the customer to develop a suitable custom packaging solution for their specific need. The design process incorporates product analysis, which enables the correct selection of materials. Integra Packaging with the help of Nefab has facilities to test the design to ensure the packaging will protect its contents throughout its journey to the end customer.
Plywood Boxes and Wooden Crates
Products include: Traditional timber boxes and crates; ExPak A; ExPak P; ExPak S

The plywood boxes and crates are easy to assemble, have good stacking capability and are suitable for heavy, sensitive and expensive goods. All products are approved under phytosanitary regulations set forth by the IPPC (ISPM15 compliance) and a range of locking devices can be provided where necessary.
Corrugated Boxes
Products include: Double Wall; Triple Wall; Slatted Boxes; Die-Cut Boxes; Edgeboards

Corrugated boxes are offered in many ways, from standard box sizes and styles to completely customizable and is one of the only packaging materials that can be cut and folded to various shapes and sizes. Arguably one of the most dynamic packaging solutions available corrugated offers many benefits to consumers.
Expendable Pallets
Products include: Lightweight Plywood Pallet; Wooden Pallet; Presswood Pallet; Plastic Pallet; Corrugated Pallet

Expendable pallets are frequently used all over the world. To ensure that the packaging conforms to phytosanitary regulations, treated wood or other materials are used.
Shrink Film
Products include: UV shrink wrap, Anti-corrosive Shrink Wrap, Anti-corrosive Stretch Film

Integra Packaging supplies both the specialised anti-corrosion plastic films and the more common heat shrink films, which use virgin resins for the best quality. These plastic films are resistant to ultraviolet radiation for at least 12 months.

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