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In 1995, Roger Till and Bruce McBride established Box Built Australia Pty Ltd. Their early days were spent operating from the back yard of their first client's warehouse until one day when they landed a $40,000 one-off order.

Today, Integra Packaging (renamed in 2008) numbers 66 employees, 5,000m2 of modern factories in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, over 300 active customers (500 total) and an annual turnover of $10million - yet the founding principals remain. The original philosophy included strong client service, flexibility, speedy delivery of specific prototypes - and it still does. David McKewen, Senior Buyer with Nu Lec Industries Pty Ltd says "It's based on more than just competitive prices (although that's important), it's their on-time tracking average of better than 95% that counts for a great deal in today's competitive markets".In May 2004, a joint-venture came together to buy the assets of the old Sheldon's pallet-making firm at Bomaderry NSW. With a plan to establish a broad-based packaging business, local businessman and ex-PWC senior partner, John Fisher joined forces with QLD business partners Roger Till and Bruce McBride. They put into practice a comprehensive business model and philosophy which would grow and sustain the new business, position itself to attract national clients and make a contribution to the Regional community.

On day one of the new venture, there were six (6) employees that remained from the previous business, who had been facing an uncertain future. A sign on the factory wall 'you steal these tools, you'll be prosecuted' - had previously stood as a sombre signal to employees. The new Directors removed the sign from the wall and placed it in the bin in front of the men - as a sign of trust - and to signal a new and positive beginning. They haven't lost a piece of equipment since! A firm commitment was made to employees on that day - if the new Company survived its' first 6 months and could then see a viable future, the men would have a job for as long as they wanted to be there.
A new business
Integra Packaging directors set themselves a formidable task.

- revive failed business
- take hard decisions
- resign unprofitable business
- rebuild.

Integra Packaging took the decision to resign some $2mil worth of existing non-profitable business as part of the purchase ... a brave step for any start-up.

From an effective $750k base turnover, they have knocked on doors, and built a new company structure based on the resolution of five key pillars: established purpose / five core values / business model / management strategy / growth strategy.

Management led the team through an initial 18-month restructure: to retain jobs & skills, embed policies & procedures, re-build their client list and return to profit. They focused on collaboration, consultation, client service and solutions - with a keen eye to the future shape of the Company.
Hard work & strong support: 'Recipe for survival'
From zero to current share of market in 10 years is an impressive statistic by any standard (especially since 75% of businesses don't get beyond ten years of operation). "But it wasn't without its ups and downs," says Roger. Integra Packaging felt the effects of the Asian Crisis, September 11, GST and the inevitable cash flow crisis that occur from time to time. "Problems like lack of skills and poor business decisions (while they were tough at the time), have simply made us work smarter and better," said Bruce. We acknowledge the fact that without hard work, a committed team and an amazing network of support from financial institutions, clients and customers, Integra Packaging wouldn't be where we are today.

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