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Our Community

Integra Packaging is pro-actively engaged in its local business and general communities.
The Company believes that part of its social contract is to benefit the communities in which it operates. It seeks to demonstrate this commitment in the following ways:

- Assisted employment initiatives
Integra Packaging has encouraged the ability and often hidden talent of the individual - both among its own employees and among the young people the Company mentors. Involvement is facilitated in local consultative groups and committees as well as 'supported-employment' and workplace experience programs with several local community, educational and government organisations in the last two years, including:

- Maxima Group Training
This organisation works closely with schools and employers to achieve an experience-based outcome for school students. They are proactive in supporting the mentoring needs of young kids, visiting schools and workplaces regularly and people are mentored through this school-based program. Integra has taken on a young man who has been with the company for 1 year for 1day per week. Having been mentored through the business, this experience has the potential to give him a start in work-life. When he leave school, he will have achieved a Certificate 2 in Timber Manufacturing Products.

- Essential Personnel
Two years ago, Integra Packaging signed off on an arrangement with this organization, to jointly purchase equipment to allow the employment of people with barriers to employment in the Integra factory. This was the first joint-funding arrangement made by the organization and represents a creative approach to specialist employment. This arrangement still exists, and four people have been placed through the program.

- Shoalhaven Workplace Learning Program & TAFE
Two groups of students from high schools in the Shoalhaven have been hosted by Integra Packaging to learn new skills and experience a real-life workplace, to assist their school-to-work transition. Students involved in the above programs were led, monitored, mentored and instructed by TAFE & Integra Packaging.

- Shoalhaven Tutorial Centre & YWCA Partnering Employment Pathways
Students facing learning challenges have gained employment either with or through the Company, with an agreement to take them on for initial workplace mentoring and skilling on-site. Their response to the program was such that they took on consistent employment and have demonstrated real change in their outlook and abilities.

- CRS Australia
A young indigenous man with a disability had spent 3 years looking for work when Integra Packaging took him on as a trainee. After 8 months with the Company he said it has "changed his outlook, his finances, his relationships and his life".

- Integra assists 4KQ Special Children's Christmas Party
The Golden Casket Variety Special Children's Christmas Party provides in excess of 2,500 'special needs' children with a day they will never forget. This is the 12th year that Integra has supported this very worthwhile event, through donations and assistance.
Paul Munro, Project Coordinator, says "the special children at the party painted, traced their handprints and wrote their names all over the Integra Packaging boxes. It was great that children confined to wheelchairs, had an extra activity for the day! In 15 years of the Christmas Party in Brisbane, this was by far the most successful even to date! The (positive) feedback we are getting from parents and carers has been overwhelming". Here's just one example: "Just wishing to thank you for a wonderful day yesterday, my son had a great time. Please thank those gracious sponsors for their generous support, and all the volunteers and entertainers, because without them this day would not exist." Integra Packaging Community

Integra Packaging gets involved in 'Clean Up Australia Day'

Managing Director, Roger Till said "each of our three state offices took part in the 2010 'Clean Up Australia Day' for Business. It was the first time the Company involved teams from each office in Clean Up Australia - and it was a very positive experience."

Each of the General Managers got involved in the Day and commented on the experience for them and their staff:
"Clean up Australia Day was a fantastic opportunity for our team to work together on improving public areas of the community in which we work." Keith Pomeroy - GM VIC
"As part of our sustainability commitment to the community in which we operate, we will proudly continue to be proactive in projects like Business Clean Up Australia Day." Tony Dyer - GM NSW
"Not only was the experience an opportunity to give something back to the community we operate our business in, it was also a great team building exercise." Alistair Johnston - GM QLD

Integra continues it's commitment to economic, social and environmental outcomes throughout its businesses - and the following are indicative"
said Roger Till
  • Undertaken 'lean manufacturing' workshop leading to reduction in waste
  • Continued participation in AQIS wood export (ISPM 15) program
  • Purchased a powered sweeper - reducing water usage significantly
  • Excellent shut down procedures - encompassing rest breaks and lunch breaks
  • Collect and reuse or recycle pallets
  • Regular maintenance ensuring optimal efficiency of equipment
  • Minimal staff turnover - led by company commitment to staff and staff satisfaction
  • Positive staff engagement leads to behavioural change and further initiatives
  • Reusable packaging solutions - saving money, time and resources
  • Embed sustainability as part of business planning and all operations
  • Paper usage and recycled content / office paper is recycled
  • "Our sustainability journey continues" said Roger.

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