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Our People

Whilst compete, survive and thrive is an essential formula for a strong regional business model, a commitment to client service, loyal employees and the local Region have also been important for the Company. Our approach to proactive employee relations has centred on:

• mutual respect
• active engagement & involvement
• experience & loyalty
• willingness to retrain
• continuous improvement

The Company has built an enviable client list and fostered a thriving business and naturally, the necessary milestones have been hard won. "Walk through the doors of the business today and every employee you see has been an integral part of the process" says Managing Director Roger Till. "Today you see the result of that commitment by management & staff to work together to build the business and retain jobs"' he says.

The 2 oldest staff members are 75 & 64 years of age - and the youngest is 17. Employees are involved in company operations and an integrated committee (the Golden Eagle Committee) which allows free exchange of ideas and encourages a constant, active review process. "'The company is committed to OH&S guidelines, individual health and continuous improvement of employees through training. Within those guidelines, we will employ people in the factory and office as long as they are motivated to work with us" says Roger.

'Golden Eagle' committee
This initiative involves employee and management representatives in a weekly 'round-table' consultative process which provides collective, pro-active involvement in the day-to-day running of the company. Staff are rewarded for their contribution and receive a tax-paid bonus at Christmas. The Company believes this is a practical example of creative, shared responsibility; everyone has a say in the process, people are rewarded, and everyone adds value to the business.

Young & old keep the factory humming
Dudley 75, Cobber 64 and Ray 52 are typical of our senior employees making a valuable contribution to the workforce at Integra Packaging. With a strong recovery after its restructure 2 years ago, the Company has a vested interest in retaining motivated employees of various ages. We are aware that the ageing population are more able and willing to work past the previously accepted 60 to 65 year mark. Roger Till says "the Company doesn't have a policy on the maximum age of employees but we are committed to OH&S guidelines, individual health and continuous improvement through training. Within those regulated guidelines, we will employ people in the factory and office as long as they are motivated to work with us" he says.

"Management have a responsibility here to reassure older employees that their position is not in jeopardy and to be patient and aware of the training required. Necessary new technology can be implemented while building confidence and supporting a willingness to change on the part of employee" says Roger. The employee success stories are many. Integra Packaging is committed to employees who demonstrate a team spirit, a loyalty to the Company and an enthusiasm for the job.

Management material!
Brendan Taylor came to Integra Packaging/Box Built 4 years ago, recruited through a labour hire agency. His first job was operating a packsaw and after 12 months he became workshop supervisor. Having almost completed a Certificate 4 in Frontline Management (training which Box Built supported) he is considering doing a Diploma level. Brendan says the key to his role is development of personal relationships & training of staff. Part of this is being a member of the Golden Eagle Committee - a management and staff round table group that meets regularly to discuss work practice and provide input to the Company.

Thank You - Integra values long-serving Queensland staff
One of the Integra's core values is "Constant commitment to Growth, Opportunity and Safety of Our People".

GM Alistair Johnston says 'the fact that only two of our employees have been with us for less than twelve months and that our staff turnover is less than 0.5% is testament to the fact that we pay more than lip service to this value. Whilst we continually recognise our entire team, this month we would like to acknowledge Rod, Nicky, Dennis, Mike, Ian, and Sean who have been with us 5,6,9,10,11 and 13 years respectively. I would like to sincerely thank them for their commitment and loyalty over the years and for taking the opportunity to grow with us as we developed the business to what it is today'.

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