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AQIS 'off-site certification' Integra Packaging wins another NSW first!
NSW Sales Manager Matt Hill says "the granting of the off-site certification is of major importance to us. This enables us to provide a total service to our customers who require traditional export timber packaging to be carried out off-site".
Without this service, some of our customers would face a great deal of inconvenience and added expense. The only option is to have the final product fumigated which extends lead times and adds cost. Recent examples of Integra Packaging customers The relocation of an enormous radio-telescope from the ACT to the USA; the transport of a large 78 metre-long printing machine; the shipping of an 80,000 kg mining machine to Siberia! "You could imagine the logistical and financial headaches if the only place you could pack these were at your own manufacturing site" says Matt Hill. Visit
  • The standard is the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme for export (Issue: 1.July 2006)
  • The scope of the approval is limited to Offsite manufacturing of Wood Packaging materials for export (Valid from 1/8/08)
  • Integra Packaging NSW is the first to receive this certification in NSW
  • Integra is authorised to manufacture wood packaging at a customer's site - rather than at an external facility
  • Integra can 'certify' a client's export packaging at their site
  • saves customer's personnel, assists manufacture time, eliminates unnecessary pre-shipping transport of goods

  • AQIS clearance - a NSW first!

    In mid 2006, Integra Packaging (formerly Box Built) kicked a major goal for Australian export trade, achieving Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) certification for its treated wood packaging products.
    The all-important ISPM15 standard is critical. "Importing countries may apply quarantine treatments or refuse to accept any commodity with wood packaging that does not carry the certification mark" says AQIS. (See website for more information: Shoalhaven clients of Box Built are delighted that quality, treated product is available locally.

    According to Nick Kilpatrick, Packaging Manager of Manildra "The AQIS Certifcation (ISPM15) of Australian wood product for export packaging purposes is critical to Manildra's export trade. All countries we deal with, now specify this standard", he says. Box Built is all about packaging solutions for the protection of customer's products - using softwood, cardboard and plastic to build boxes, crates and pallets for local, interstate and overseas transportation.

    Companies wishing to become certified under the AWPCS need to contact one of the following certification bodies to initiate this process.

    AUS-QUAL (07) 3247 7200 or Toll free 1800 630 890
    AgriQuality Toll free 1800 247 478
    NCSI (02) 9736 8284
    SAI Global (03) 9693 3521
    SGS (03) 9790 8714
    AWPCS - Wood Packaging for Export update.
    Visit: click on AQIS and look for ISPM 15
    standard under Quick Links

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