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Integra's main dealings are in the Mining, Defence, Infrastructure and Logistics sectors. With that said, the majority of products packaged are high-value, theft prone, and sensitive. Quality of industrial packaging materials plays a big factor in the overall decision making process as this is what either adds value to the Integra name or potentially tarnishes it.
All industrial packaging materials' quality, reliability, and pricing must meet the high demands of our core industry segments and strengthen our image as a high-quality, total cost savings complete packaging solutions provider. Together with our packaging suppliers we can be successful.

Suppliers are often the unsung heroes in any business but surprisingly have a major impact and important role in the success of our business and customer satisfaction. Our company beliefs below show that they impact our Core Purpose, Core Values and ultimately our Mission. This page has been put together as an acknowledgement and recognition for the support from our suppliers in the past and going forward and comes with our thanks.
To become the most efficient, high service packaging solutions company in existence.

Core Purpose
To supply packaging solutions to business that protects and enhances their products therefore contributing to the success of our customer.

Core Values
Absolute Honesty and Integrity.
Constant commitment to Growth, Opportunity and Safety of Our People.
Product Quality, Reliability and Innovation that Exceeds The Expectations of our customers.
A commitment to Suppliers that offers stability through growth and Timely Payment.
Contribution and Responsibility to the Environment and Communities in which we operate.
To build a Profitable business achieving Return On Investment and Capital Growth.

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