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Point of difference: why customers want to deal with Integra Packaging
As a Company, we remind ourselves that business is about the trading of value between people. Our reputation stands or falls on service, quality and relationship - and the values that underpin sustainable trade.

Integra Packaging has grown with the knowledge that our customers rely on quality, timeliness of delivery, and being able to adapt to the cusomters needs. Integra Packaging has earned a reputation for providing excellent service. We have committed to supplying a quality, cost effective product inline with our customers expected standards. The ability to create a cultural advantage has had a positive effect on the business where our customers realize that our entire staff are prepared to ensure our products are delivered correctly, on time, every time. Our Directors have led the way by setting up a strong financial base to work from and a commitment to our suppliers of timely payment which has reassured our customers that they are dealing with a financially secure business that will be able to meet their contractual agreements. Our customers are also aware that we take our community responsibilities and environmental protection seriously and have returned this commitment to Integra Packaging.
Our broader commitment to exceptional product and service is further seen through the eyes of the following customers:

Integra packs BUCYRUS Miner for Siberian voyage
- high value, high tonnage miner shipped to Russia

Jere Burdock, Logistics Coordinator for Bucyrus says: 'Integra Packaging were able to fully assess the task, understand the logistics needs of the entire re-location and provide the advice and service we needed'.

Destination - Siberia
Bucyrus has shipped a 30MB3 'continuous miner' weighing 94,500 kilos, by sea and rail for their client Siberian Coal & Energy Company. The machine left Bucyrus' manufacturing facility in Beresfield, New South Wales some months ago and travelled via Port Kembla for shipping to their client's site in a key mining region of Siberia, Russia.
Bucyrus trusted the task of effective protection for this valuable shipment to Integra Packaging
- for their experience in heavy equipment packaging for the Mining industry.
Matt Hill, National Business Development for Integra Packaging says: 'We see this project for Bucyrus as a specialised task and there are very few companies able to offer this service. We are delighted that Bucyrus chose our company to manage the packaging component of their export project'.
Arrival at mine site

After its journey both the Bucyrus Technical Support Engineers and more importantly the end client were pleased to see the condition of the miner was just as it had left Bucyrus' manufacturing facility. This allowed for hassle free re-assembly due to components remaining clean and undamaged. Jere Burdock of Bucyrus said: 'the protective packaging service provided by Integra exceeded our expectations'.
SMARTBOX Storage - a mobile solution

Smartbox is a mobile self storage solution, built on a unique delivery system whereby the Smartbox is placed within a Smartrailer towed behind a ute. The secure and weatherproof delivery system allows transport to most metropolitan addresses - an ideal, convenient self storage option for Australian conditions.

Integra Packaging was tasked with the building of the storage units to be placed within the trailers, building them to exceed Australian Standards and to tolerances of less than 10mm. Fabrication was completed in Queensland with the units then flat packed and assembled on site in Alexandria, Sydney within tight timelines.
Tim Cutfield of Smartbox said: 'Integra have provided an end to end solution which has more than satisfied the requirements of Smartbox and we look forward to building a long-term business relationship'.
BRISBANE BYPASS - Tunnel Borers to Germany

Challenge: Herrenknecht needs over 100 steel containers packed with very heavy, expensive and sensitive equipment with no movement in any of the containers. They also have large main bearings and other sensitive equipment which cannot fit in steel containers, which require protection from corrosion during transport and storage.

Outcome: The Herrenknecht site manager is happy with materials packed to-date with the container being packed to schedule, meeting the shipping deadline and all six of the main bearing components wrapped, boxed and in storage ready for shipping. Herrenknecht advises we are approximately a quarter of the way through the packing task with a few months yet to go.

Ultan Moran, Commercial and Contracts Director said "Integra have provided a first class service to Herrenknecht and a packing solution that enables the Company to feel confident that its equipment has been handled with care".
SIEMENS - Secure switchboard export

Challenge: Siemens had six large electrical switchboards, completed and ready for export by sea in High Cube steel shipping containers. The customer for Siemens requested a suitable package being weather proof, interior moisture - vapour proof barrier and a fully enclosed, certified timber export crate.

Outcome: Pieter Taljaar was delighted that Integra packaging could provide protection for the units within the guidelines specified by the Siemens oversease customer. From the results of this packaging project Pieter has been happy to refer Integra Packaging for consideration in further tasks.
Pieter Taljaar, Electrical Project Engineer from Siemens, Brisbane said "The request was for equipment to be protected as per customer specifications, not only on sea but also during transport to site in Papua New Guinea and for long term storage. Corrosion in all these conditions is normally a concern. The shrink wrap anti-corrosion protection and weather-proofing - all in one - was a great solution. As an additional advantage Integra could do the shrink wrap, packaging and crating as a package deal onsite".
STEP Electronics - High-tech protection

Challenge: Step Electronics were required to supply a deployable 3.8m Satelite Antenna to their customer in a robust, reusable packaged format. One of the biggest challenges was to provide a case for the Antenna petals. This was no mean feat as the internal dimensions of this case were 2.2m x 2.2m x 1m high. This was not the first time Step had thrown a challenge to Integra Packaging and our team set about providing the solution.
Outcome: The solution was achieved by making the cases in the traditional 'road case' format as well as utilising Pelican/Hardigg cases. Due to the size, weight and dimensions of the individual products the road cases had internal metal frames, Mil Spec foam and marine grade carpet. The Pelican/Hardigg cases incorporated Mil Spec foam and Intercept Technology™ Canvas. This ensured that the sensitive products within the canvas covers were protected from corrosive elements, mould and mildew - until they were required to be fitted onto the assembled antenna.
Customer Comment: "As an Integrator, STEP Electronics products development cycle of our satelite solutions can take over a year to gestate. The cycle in most instances requires the development of a well defined customer brief, followed by a comprehensive solutions design and impact document. During these key milestones it is important that our component suppliers engage with our team during the entire process so that when the system assembly is define, our packaging solution can be quickly augmented to fit the brief. We have never been let down by Integra, and the key to this success is the customer relationship and communication that is in place between our business".

Kaman Aerospace

Kaman Aerospace are shipping ten Super Seasprite helicopters to the United States from the Naval Air Station at Nowra, and needed to ensure that the aircraft and the sensitive equipment fitted to them were adequately protected during transit to and from the ports at either end of the journey as well as during the sea voyage.
The aircraft needed to be wrapped in a manner that provided roll on/roll off and tie down capability. Integra Packaging was selected by Kaman to wrap the aircraft with shrink wrapping, providing corrosion protection during the transit to the USA. The outcome of this undertaking was excellent, with all ten aircraft encapsulated within a three day period, and the aircraft well protected for the upcoming journey.
Chris Nelms, General Manager - Kaman Aerospace International Support Centre says "the reason we went with Integra Packaging was because we had already had dealings with the company, and were pleased with their performance and product. Kaman is also utilising the services of Integra Packaging to manufacture packaging to ship aircraft parts back to the United States" says Chris Nelms.

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is managed by Raytheon Australia in conjunction with CSIRO on behalf of NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Support Services Manager, Andrew Paddison comments on the complex and delicate task of the recent disassembly, packing and shipment of their DSS33 antenna by Integra Packaging; "Overall, the plan went to schedule and a quality job was performed. Throughout this task, we found the staff at Integra Packaging were very helpful, thorough and met our expectations. We did not encounter any unexpected problems and the job was completed on time and within budget".
Tyco Water

Brisbane based, Tyco Water had a contract to manufacture and deliver a section of large water pipeline custom fittings to the Middle East, involving an initial nine (9) shipments. Daniel Rawnsley from Tyco says, "we were impressed with the Integra Packaging problem-solving & response to packaging issues. When it was necessary to respond with design modifications, Integra managed the task and follow-up with 'hands-on' capability" he said.
Mack/Volvo Trucks

Ruth Higgins at VCVA's Truck Production facilities in Australia fills in the picture. 'At our Wacol (QLD) factory, we build a number of models of fully trimmed cabs for Mack and Volvo trucks. When complete, these cabs are shipped to our Spare Parts Department in Sydney by truck. To avoid damage to paint and bodywork during shipment, we enclose them in a 'case' - an on-site service provided by Integra Packaging. I arrange a time for them to come and build a box for the cab, which is then secured to the delivery truck and prevents it from moving. It is very important that these cabs arrive in good condition to avoid costly retouching… and they do! We have always found the staff at Integra Packaging helpful and pleasant, and they do their best to fit in with our schedules' said Ruth.
WA Storage Company

Janine Peake, Manager at AAA Wembley says time & cost efficiency and finance assistance from Integra Packaging, the ability to build ahead of customer take-up, the fact that modules are created off-site, that they arrive in kit form and can be stacked - is a huge advantage. Janine says "we've worked with Integra Packaging from the ground-up, developing as the business grows and changes. Any problems are quickly rectified
and continuous improvement is made possible through the relationship".
NOJA Power Switchgear

NOJA Power is a leading manufacturer of medium voltage electrical switchgear and currently exports their Products to more than 50 countries. "Our continuous investment in R&D allows us to create new products that are world-class, and allows us to grow the export markets for those products" says Neil O'Sullivan, Managing Director of NOJA Power Switchgear. Integra Packaging now supplies NOJA Power with two types of fully enclosed protection for their products during transport and storage for their global customers.
A recent review of future packaging needs revealed a number of likely challenges:
1. Storage issues (previous 'rigid/assembled' packaging takes up premium holding space)
2. Employee health and safety during packing and handling activities (packaging improvements could assist)
3. Contact with paint fumes when spraying labelling information onto boxes (ability to pre-spray required)
4. Improved company branding & labelling (overall solution)
5. Maximizing available space in shipping containers (revised sizing/capacity issues).

The solution provided by Integra Packaging was a 'task-specific' NEFAB 8mm ExPak S.
NOJA Power Production Manager Khanh Le says "the new packaging demonstrated greater strength
on testing than the previous boxes. "The collapsible NEFAB boxes have reduced necessary storage
area to 1/6th previous space - which allows better use of warehouse facilities
" Khanh says.
The Fire Company

Integra Packaging were selected to provide packaging support for The Fire Company which exports 80% of their product throughout Europe, America, Canada , Asia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. The company ships via airfreight and sea containers from Australia to overseas distributors - then through an extensive sales support network. Packaging must perform to exacting standards to arrive safely - via many ports of call. Production Manager, Michaela Backes says, "the most impressive part of our business relationship with Integra is the time they take to listen to our needs.
By listening to our needs Integra have provided packaging solutions that are in line with the visions for our company. The personal service, that is sometimes lost in today's business world, is alive and well at Integra. A quick turnaround is required when demand is high for new and innovative EcoSmart™ Fire models - this is where our relationship with Integra has paid off".
Auspower EDM

Challenge: Their transformers, substations, high voltage equipment - experienced previous issues with transport damage. With sensitive radiators requiring protection and inherent logistics issues (both high and wide loads) and wind-dirt-dust and moisture issues boxing was not practical. Solution: Integra Packaging recommended the economics of Intercept® wrap, with zippered loading points providing complete encapsulation. Director John Arthur comments: "An excellent outcome, with recent shipments to Mt Isa & Townsville. Not the cheapest solution, but effective. The Integra team's knowledge provided quick & easy service" said John.

'From the beginning, Integra Packaging demonstrated great enthusiasm in achieving the business' says Fabio Bertola, Logistics Manager at Prysmian Telecom Cables & Systems Australia. The volume of product supplied by Box Prysmian point to Box Built's excellent responsiveness and commitment to their business. Fabio says 'any normal quality problem encountered during the course of the relationship has always been managed with promptness and in a very professional way. Communication has always been extremely good, with prompt response on every issue'.

Opera Australia

Sue Olden, Technical Operations Manager from Opera Australia required a specific solution to ship Opera Australia production props of varying dimensions to any point on the globe as well as around Australia. Sue says 'we needed someone to understand what was required; purpose built, ease of shifting, containerization dimensions, OH&S considerations and the ability to flat pack at venues to save storage'. Box Built understood. 'They delivered a solution and we're now into our second order' said Sue. …On with the Show!

Terex Jaques

Terex Jaques is one of Australia's largest and longest established engineering groups specialising in the design, supply, commissioning and servicing of major crushing equipment and turn key plants for the global quarrying and mining industries. According to Corie Scott, Project Manager for Terex Jaques, this was money well-spent as part of their risk mitigation. "The equipment was going into humid, wet, hot and dusty conditions, with a possible 3 months storage whilst awaiting installation" says Corie.
MEI - Marine Equipment International Pty Ltd

MEI needed to store marine-grade aluminium furniture in robust packaging, required for Navy stores. Items needed to be separated and marked for ease of retrieval. Integra Packaging provided a complicated measurement & design spec - with stencil application for ID. Managing Director, Adrian Peck comments: "Packaging was supplied, flat-packed for transport - with eventual assembly on-site and the items are now in use with our client, Royal Australian Navy".
Fast & Fluid Management

'We specialise in quality paint/mix accuracy, a niche market where
the majority of our output is sold internationally. We use mainly sea-freight and packaging quality is critical' says David Wells, Purchasing Manager of Fast & Fluid Management Australia Pty Ltd. Fast & Fluid is very customer responsive and Integra Packaging has been able to meet the quick turnaround challenges this presents during this 18 month relationship. 'Any challenge we've thrown at them they've solved & managed such as when the Asian Tsunami effect required quick replacement to customers - and Integra Packaging was able to respond' says David Wells.

Thompson Meat Machinery

Purchasing & Service Manager, Mick Eade required storage for loose parts destined for distribution, and a solution to maximize warehouse area storage. Mick says 'we distribute parts & machinery worldwide, from 400 to 1000kg and sometimes up to 2500kg. We need packaging that is heat-treated and ISPM 15 (Export) stamped, made to the strength required. We'd tried a few others but we've now had a 4-5 year relationship with Integra Packaging' he said.

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