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A Sustainable Business Model
The Company strives to achieve a holistic business model. It continues to evolve through application of sound fiscal & governance principles, a commitment to nurturing skills and a company philosophy of community engagement. The Directors understand this is a process not a destination and that Director vision is critical. A sufficiently diverse client base, retention of skills, staff training & engagement, a reliable supply chain, trusted client relationships, manageable growth, risk management & measured risk taking, and social responsibility & community engagement - are all a key to sustained trading. Such principles influence the sustainable development of SME's and commerce in general, for a healthy economy.

Managing Director: Roger Till
Roger Till is Managing Director of Integra Packaging / Box Built Australia (QLD, NSW and VIC). He and his original business partner Bruce McBride started at Acacia Ridge 14 years ago - building it from the ground up. Roger has a long-term background in several businesses. He understands employees, he understands the 'factory floor' and what motivates loyalty and service. In May 2004, Roger Till moved to the Shoalhaven from Brisbane with business partner Bruce - to buy the assets of the old Sheldon's pallet-making firm at Bomaderry - and to then establish a broad-based packaging business. With John Fisher, they grew Box Built NSW - which became Integra Packaging in January 2008.

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