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Vision & Strategy

Integra Packaging is a packaging solutions business and has over 500 clients spanning defence, mining, infrastructure, logistics, aerospace, heavy vehicles, industrial, refining, utilities and general manufacturing with manufacturing or sales operations in QLD, NSW and VIC.

The company structure is based on the resolution of five key pillars:

  • established purpose
  • five core values
  • business model
  • management strategy
  • growth strategy

  • The business has been fortunate to achieve success in both its manufacturing sites, both as a city employer in Brisbane QLD and as a regional employer in Bomaderry (South Coast) NSW. Through internal mentoring, positive HR policies, a customer service priority, commitment to the community, and effective corporate governance - the company has developed to its present level. Reviewed by the Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, Ethical Investor magazine and several metro & regional papers - the Company was also a finalist in several categories for the 2007 & 2008 Endeavour Awards for Australian manufacturing - and has won recognition for its business leadership and community engagement.

    Several building blocks for growth have been part of Company policy and practice:

  • effective Staff & Management communication
  • the development of our people and their response to a positive workplace
  • the Company demonstrating its' community responsibility
  • that good reputation means much more than just good products
  • a constant commitment to reinvention and evolution of the business
  • demonstrating sustainability in practice
  • embedding a culture of business skill and leadership through workplace mentoring

  • The ability to create a cultural advantage, a strong financial base to work from and timely payment to suppliers has reassured customers that they are dealing with a secure business that will be able to meet their contractual agreements. A broader commitment to quality, safety, necessary regulation - and a strong product and service claim - is further seen through the eyes of customers and certifiers:

    Manildra: New client relationships grew rapidly as service lived up to the claim. "Manildra Group prefers to support locally where possible and has selected Integra Packaging as a preferred supplier. Integra Packaging has a commitment to quality and service for its clients and we are delighted to have an excellent working relationship with them "
    Nick Kilpatrick, Packaging Manager.

    Not only did new business grow, but previous clients returned - such as Prysmian Telecom Cables & Systems Australia (formerly Pirelli Cables) from Sydney. "Integra Packagings' efficiency and on-time, every time promise has brought us back to the Shoalhaven ...our business relies on assured quality and service and Integra Packaging delivers that for us"
    Fabio Bertola, Logistics Manager.

    Cox Industries
    According to Tracey Peapell, Purchasing Officer for Cox Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd, and a Integra Packaging client for 10 years, "(they) are quick, highly responsive to requests and they're able to hold product in reserve and supply exactly what's needed at the time". Tracey adds 'they continually demonstrate the flexibility to deal with short notice spec changes without any problems'.

    Hard work & strong support: 'Recipe for Survival'
    From zero to current share of market in 10 years is an impressive statistic by any standard (especially since 75% of businesses don't get beyond ten years of operation). "But it wasn't without its ups and downs," says Roger Till. Integra Packaging felt the effects of the Asian Crisis, September 11, GST and the inevitable cash flow crises that occur from time to time. "Problems like lack of skills and poor business decisions (while they were tough at the time), have simply made us work smarter and better" . We acknowledge the fact that without hard work, a committed team and an amazing network of support from financial institutions, clients and customers, Integra Packaging wouldn't be where we are today.

    Thankful to so many, for so much
    Integra Packaging and Box Built Australia - are driven by a commitment to honesty and integrity plus the skill of good people. The greatest people are often unsung heroes. "They're working for our customers, suppliers and financial institutions. Some of them even work for us," says Roger Till. If you add ambition, core values and opportunity together with shared ambitions and friends - old and new - then we will continue to prove that we're one operation that's definitely 'out of the box'.

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