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NEFAB signs with Integra Packaging

Integra Packaging is proud to announce the signing of an Australian & New Zealand distribution agreement with one of the world's leading packaging providers - Nefab.

As distributor, Integra Packaging has adopted the Nefab process involving a
comprehensive approach to market, outlined by the following:

The Nefab 'Complete Packaging Solutions' Concept - involving:

a. Consulting Services: packaging design and logistic services
b. Inner Packaging: protective packaging
c. Expendable Packaging: one-way outer packaging
d. Returnable Packaging: reusable, returnable packaging
e. Accessories: tapes, bags, indicators, machines

The Pack Audit (service) - designed to improve packaging
and reduce total cost:

The Pack Audit uses the above Complete Packaging Solutions (CPS) - and addresses the whole logistics flow of the customer operation from product development and suppliers, through production and finally to customers.
These key steps are included:

Consulting & Services Cost Take-Out Implementation

The objective of the Pack Audit is to describe the cost reductions to be achieved through
the implementation process of CPS products and services recommended by Integra Packaging.
It provides the customer with a solid and credible basis for their decision to accept the CPS offer.
This is done through a full and detailed mapping of the packaging flows based on the Pre Audit analysis.
In a structured process of product and service design and cost take-out analysis, the best solution
for the customer is found. The implemented solution is then followed up, evaluated and improved through continuous support and an in-depth partnership.
The process follows:

- The Product Definition
- A cost Take-Out Identification
- The Pre Audit analysis
- A Pack-Audit analysis
- The Design of Products and Services
- A Cost Take-Out Analysis
- The Customer Proposal
- The Implementation
- Performance Follow-up

The CPS-Concept Covers the Entire Logistics Chain
The concept of complete packaging solutions (CPS) addresses the whole logistics flow of the customer's operation from product development and suppliers, through production and finally to their customers.

• One competent partner: using Integra as an interface for all packaging needs reduces the costs for:

1) Packaging design - there is not a need for in-house design capability
2) Sourcing - one global partner to coordinate packaging issues
3) Purchase costs - Integra has purchasing power and can buy where it is most favorable

Unbiased design: Integra provides an unbiased approach with regard to choice of materials and solutions.

Global standards instead of re-inventing the wheel: Integra has alliances in more than 40 countries and can provide the skills and information services to coordinate and supply a global packaging solution.

Logistics services: beside design and supply of packaging Integra provides the logistic setup to offer JIT delivery service which reduces tied-up capital and risk of obsolete material.

Total cost approach: by addressing the entire logistics chain from a packaging logistics perspective, solutions can be designed to find the most effective solution from both a cost and an operational point of view.

We look forward to talking with you about your total packaging solutions - and the improvements that you can make to your business through adopting the CPS approach in a partnership with Integra Packaging.
Please contact:

Matt Hill (NSW) 02 4421 2935

Sean Clark (QLD) 07 3848 9290

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