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Seasprite News Article


3/10/2008 10:40:00 AM

BOMADERRY company Integra Packaging had the complex task of shrink-wrapping 10 Super Seasprite helicopters recently. The $1.3 billion Seasprites were being transported by truck to Port Kembla on Wednesday.

They are to be shipped to the United States, however, neither Kaman Aerospace nor the Department of Defence did not confirm if the failed helicopters had been purchased.

Integra Packaging sales manager Matt Hill coordinated the project to wrap the helicopters.

He said the task was the biggest and most unique the company had undertaken.

"The material we use is called Intercept Technology, a specialised anti-corrosive wrap which uses copper polymer.
"In fact, it's one of the very few anti-corrosive products that's been approved by NASA," he said.

Mr Hill said the process involved the local team and a specialist from UnderRaps in Western Australia measuring up the helicopters to create a pattern from which 10 shrink-wrap kits were made.

"Then we sealed them up and heat shrunk them to get a snug fit.

"We also added access panels, such as a zippered door to the cockpit.

"I guess the alternative was looking at a company off-shore to wrap them. I think our client was pretty happy to have a company 15 minutes away that could do the job," Mr Hill said.

The company is currently looking at wrapping the one of the world's largest fibreglass super yacht moulds.

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