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Protective Technology - Equipment/Parts Transport & Storage - Hi-tech Solutions

Integra's niche in the defence segment:
Integra Packaging has vast experience in packaging solutions for the defence force and their key suppliers. Navy, Air force, Army or Joint Defence projects have been some of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding projects the Integra team have designed and supplied. With Australia wide support we are able to bring together these projects at one of our own sites or offer our services and products to defence facilities in all parts of the country. Sensitive defence equipment, military aircraft, dangerous goods and provisions can be wrapped, packed, stored or transported in one of our many packaging solutions.

Protective Technology
The unique Intercept Technology applied to shrink-film, cardboard, canvas, plastic bags and foam can create an anti-corrosive/anti-static barrier to protect sensitive defence equipment from elements such as corrosion, static, mildew, ultraviolet radiation and moulds. Intercept technology was invented by Bell Labs for internal use. (Bell Labs became part of Alcatel-Lucent with the 2006 merger of Lucent Technologies Inc. and Alcatel of France.) Engineered Materials Inc. now holds the exclusive worldwide license to this patented technology and leads a global team that produces Intercept films for packaging automotive parts, aerospace components, industrial machinery, and electronic parts and equipment.

Equipment/Parts Transport & Storage
World's best practice for the protection of equipment and parts for the defence force is the goal of the Integra Packaging team and their alliance partners. Intercept technology has been applied to defence equipment packaging such as Naval Super Seasprite and Sea Knight helicopters, Army tanks and armoured truck cabs as well as Air Force parts for warehousing and distribution. Fit - for - purpose packaging to the defence force is currently being supplied to many bases around Australia and key suppliers to the defence department. Integra has local knowledge and global solutions for protection through the supply chain from supplier to end user and even the return journey of parts to be reconditioned or stored for quick response and emergency requirements.

Hi-tech Solutions
An understanding of packaging requirements for hi-tech equipment, weapons, explosives, chemicals, ammunition and communication systems requires experience and knowledge through the packaging design and manufacturing process. Compliance with Australian Standards, Air freight IATA and Sea freight IMDG Codes along with regulations in accordance with governments and agency requirements within country of origin, country of destination or country that goods shall transit through will need consideration through the design process. Integra's alliance with Nefab worldwide gives us access to these requirements in over 40 countries along with testing facilities and certification for most hazardous cargo. Specialised inner packaging for sensitive equipment, robust outer packaging in expendable or returnable/reusable form in plastic, steel, sheet or corrugated materials are all hi-tech solutions provided by Integra Packaging.
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