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Communication - Power - Transport - Water

Integra's niche in the infrastructure segment:

Integra Packaging has supplied protective packaging to the infrastructure market since 1995 and has built up expertise in outer packaging, inner packaging and consumable products. Whether it is robust outer packaging to protect fragile equipment or cushioned inner packaging for delicate parts we will provide the right solution to meet the requirements of your business and your customers. Is it moisture protection or full water proofing, transport or storage sensitive, interstate or overseas transit? You will find the help you need from the packaging professional at Integra Packaging who will use both local knowledge and global solutions to protect your infrastructure related products through the supply chain.


With communication becoming more important than ever Integra Packaging are responding to calls from their customers to design and supply protective packaging for sensitive equipment. This packaging has to protect products with lengthy transit routes, through sometimes rugged terrain and for periods of storage before installation. Equipment for television, microwave, wireless and high frequency towers and antennas as well as satellite transmitters and fibre optic cable are all products we have packaged for transport. If anti-corrosive or anti-static protection is required we have the solution, if its parts delivery or encapsulation for maintenance in remote areas we will find a way to deliver it to meet your requirements and specification.


Our customers are electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure companies and their service providers in Australia and New Zealand and selected international markets. We supply packaging solutions to protect their products during storage and transit and have been successful in achieving major cost-take-out through packaging redesign. Printed shipping marks and customized branding has produced savings during the packaging process and improved the image of the product and supplier. Cable Drums and Lagging are also an integral product to a group of customers producing power cables that support the generation and distribution of power throughout the country.


Road and rail infrastructure projects require the delivery and storage of key electrical and mechanical systems for ventilation, fire protection as well as hydraulics and lighting components. Integra Packaging have supported these projects with packaging solutions to protect our customers products throughout their journey, and in some cases long term storage in some of the most remote areas of Australia. Robust outer packaging for specialised pipes and fittings or corrosion protection for signalling and communications equipment is just some of the projects the team at Integra Packaging have provided specialised solutions for in the past.


Our customers offer turnkey water treatment facilities to power stations, manufacturing and other key industries that support our national infrastructure. The Integra Packaging team will design and supply packaging for pumping, storage and treatment equipment for transport and storage. Just in time packaging, pooling services or vender controlled inventory are just some of the services provided to water or wastewater projects through construction and for maintenance contracts.

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