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Air/ Rail/Sea/Road Transport - Removal & Storage - Returnable/Reusable - Dangerous Goods

Integra's niche in the logistics segment:

Integra Packaging can design protective packaging for your products, equipment, personal assets or items you are forwarding on behalf of your customers. Our focus is on nil damage as these items travel through the supply chain by using innovative design, fit-for-purpose products and world's best practice solutions to achieve this goal. Logistics companies, removal and storage companies, self storage companies and freight companies have taken advantage of our local knowledge and global solutions whether they are using road, rail, sea or air transport.
Air/Rail/Sea/Road Transport
Integra have built a reputation for designing the most appropriate and cost effective solution to the logistics industry on all forms of transport. This could be an 80,000 kg mining machine in robust outer packaging sent by sea freight to Russia or ten Super Seasprite helicopters wrapped in anti-corrosive shrink-film sent by road/sea freight to the USA. The Nefab ExPak expendable packaging solution is a light weight solution used to send defence equipment by air freight to reduce weight but still offer complete protection for the product. The redesign of packaging for our customer to allow three high stacking against a traditional solution which offered only two high in a container to be rail freighted has allowed for large savings in total logistics costs. These are just a few of the packaging solutions provided by Integra and their alliance partners to the logistics industry.

Removals & Storage

The Storage Module System is made up of portable/stackable timber storage units which provide a real space-saving alternative. Strong, compact and durable - each module can hold 1.44 tonne and can be stacked up to 4 units high. Facility operators often pay high land rents and need every option available to optimize the airspace of their properties without costly mezzanine floors and large steel units. The smaller lockable and stackable units provide flexibility allowing operators to make the best use of available space and provide options to their customers at a competitive price point.
Until now, it has been virtually impossible to keep your valued items and collections out of harm's way. Corrosive gases in the environment (also called reactive gases) can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are produced from natural things on earth: such as vegetation decay as well as manmade pollution, fossil fuel combustion and factory emissions. Intercept protection is an opportunity to good to refuse and sounds to good to be true but it is now available to the removal and storage industry and their clients in easy to use of the shelf items such as various size plastic zip lock bags, cardboard boxes, CD bags and large boat, car and bike covers. The products are endless and this is the future of corrosive protection.


Integra and Nefab engineers work closely with the customer to develop the appropriate packaging solution. Returnable packaging is usually a cost efficient alternative if the goods flow is reasonably large and the points of distribution are quite few. A rule of thumb is that the packaging should complete at least four cycles per year to be profitable, compared to expendable packaging. Nefab has more than 35 years experience in the design of reusable packaging and across the globe you can find anything from vegetables to high tech equipment being shipped in returnable/reusable boxes, crates and totes.

Dangerous Goods

Our alliance with Nefab, one of the world's leading suppliers of dangerous goods (DG) packaging systems allows us to bring their international experience to our local areas. Today, some of the world's largest companies use Nefab's DG expertise who supplies a number of designs in a wide range of materials with the focus on providing the most suitable solution for each individual project. All DG boxes are put through stringent tests and the results are closely analysed with each fully packed box passing a drop test, a height stacking test and a bottom lift test before it is approved for DG applications. This type of testing follows UN recommendations as well as the specifications of other statutes.

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