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Off-Site Certification - Equipment/Parts Transport & Storage - Raw Material Packaging

Integra's niche in the mining segment:

Integra Packaging has expertise in three areas of mining being equipment protection and packaging of raw material for export on or off site. From an 80,000 kg mining machine to a 250kg hand held drill we can package these for protection through the supply chain. This packaging can be made to order and delivered to site for the distribution of parts or assembled on-site by our professional mobile unit. Raw materials packaging including hazardous material and dangerous goods or corrosion/static protection for sensitive equipment is all part of the complete packaging solution offered by Integra Packaging to the mining industry.

Off-Site Certification

- The scope of the approval is limited to Off-Site manufacturing of Wood Packaging
materials for export (Valid from 1/8/08)
- Integra Packaging is authorised to manufacture wood packaging at a customer's site rather than at an external facility
- We can 'certify' a client's export packaging at their site saving customer's personnel, assists in manufacture time and eliminates unnecessary pre-shipping transport of goods.
(See AWPCS Registration information)

Equipment/Parts Transport & Storage

Our ability to protect equipment and parts during transport and storage for the mining and support industries is enhanced by our Corrosive Intercept Shrink-Film products.
Intercept Shrink-Film is particularly useful for transport and storage and has a purpose & technology with important properties needed by domestic and export customers:
- Heat-shrink plastic film / patented copper polymer material
- Wraps almost any size
- Anti-corrosive
- Anti - mould/mildew
- Resistant to ultraviolet radiation for at least 12 months
- Suitable for re-cycling and incineration
Large and small operators are adapting to this method on their mine and refinery sites, transport operators are using this product for more effective cover during transport and many mining and oil and gas industry service companies are now being asked to use these products for deliveries. This is about protecting the investment in valuable equipment and prolonging shelf-life throughout the transport, handling and storage points in the supply chain.

Raw Material Packaging

Mining chemicals and raw materials produced in Australia and exported overseas can be packaged for a safe journey using best practise from around the world. Dangerous goods specialists can design and build a range of suitable packaging to meet international codes and regulations within the country of origin, country of destination or country that the goods shall transit through. Integra will achieve fit-for-purpose packaging for all hazardous cargo for road transport, airfreight IATA and sea freight IMDG Codes in accordance with government and agency requirements.

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