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Value-Added Packaging Development

Integra Packaging has access to Nefab Packaging Development Centres (PDC)

Visualize: Nefab PDC are able to make your packaging happen! Meaning, they completely design the solution and then offer prototypes for testing purposes as well as for the customer to inspect and test out in their flows.
Communication: Nefab's Packaging Development Centre's use specialized software to help you see and feel the design. The best example of this is during their discussions with the customer. PDC designers use Netviewer as an essential tool during this phase to speed up the design process, while handling and solving any issues.

Speed of design: Due to the strong communication skills and tools used within PDC, enables fast turnaround. Assuming the proper information was received from our sales staff and the customer also aids in the speed of the process.
Wide competence: By having Packaging Design facilities worldwide allows communications and solutions to be shared throughout the Nefab Group while learning from each other.

Industrial packaging: As you are aware, Nefab deals in the transport (industrial) packaging industry, meaning their products range from: steel, plastic, corrugated, foam, wooden, and many more. (see product page for more of our complete packaging solutions offering)

Material neutral: Being a global partner for complete packaging solutions, Nefab focuses to deliver added value by giving the most optimized solutions independent on the material.
Complete solutions: As stated previously, Nefab focuses on the entire solution; from the outer packaging to inner protective material and accessories needed to ensure your products arrive in the same condition that they left your facility!

Global: Nefab is located in over 35 countries. All facilities share information/knowledge on a regular basis through personnel meetings, intranet, and other ways of networking.

Flexibility: In PDC, a broad range of competences exist. With this in mind, your design team will consist of those specific experts in specific materials and geographic locations.

Testing: To ensure your products safe arrival, Nefab has extensive testing facilities worldwide. Tests which your products packaging may go through are; drop, vibration, shock, tilt, humidity, compression, etc… Whichever tests the packaging needs to go through, you will receive a report from PDC as to how the packaging material performed.

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