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Environment Policy

Integera Packagings' Environmental Policy

Statement of Purpose

This policy should reflect how the company sees itself in relation to its environment, neighbours, the people it employs and serves and future generations.
The Integra Packaging Environmental Policy includes the key points below. For a full copy of this Policy Statement - please contact our office.

1) High Priority:
- recognize environmental management as among highest corporate priorities and,
- as a key determinant to sustainable development

2) Planning:
- environmental consideration a priority
- assess environmental impacts before starting a new activity

3) Waste Assessments:
- periodic formal reviews
- compliance with environmental regulations / internal procedures
- report results to the board of directors

4) Product Design:
- design for optimal recyclability and reusability
- an equal commitment to explore recycling or reuse of waste

5) Contractors and Suppliers:
- promote adoption of these principles by contractors
- encourage / require improvements in their practice
- consistency with company practice

6) Operations:
- safeguard health
- protect the environment
- conserve valuable materials and resources

7) Products and Services:
- no undue environmental impact
- safe in their intended use
- efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources
- can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.

8) Integrated Waste Management:
- minimize the creation of waste & recycle materials wherever possible
- other waste that cannot be eliminated, reduced, recycled or composted will be disposed through safe and responsible methods

9) Employees:
- educate, train and motivate employees
- conduct activities in an environmentally responsible manner
- make environmental responsibility and innovation a guideline for measuring employee performance

10) Open Dialogue:
- provide relevant information on emissions, waste products and our other activities to all stakeholders

11) Promote Environmental Practices:
- promote sound environmental practices within our industry
- share experience with others
- continued support of research and development in environmental improvement

12) Cleanup:
- maintain and enhance internal procedures for handling environmental emergencies and,
- meet other environmental requirements

13) Process of Improvement:
- continue to improve corporate policies and environmental performance
- take into account technical developments, consumer needs and community expectations in-line with legal regulations.

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